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Legendary actress and comedian Marsha Warfield has been entertaining audiences for close to four decades and has no intentions of slowing down. Her calm and smooth stand up routines have garnered her a strong following and has proven that she is a comedic mainstay while bringing her own style of funny.


Strong. Proud. Out. Opinionated. Feminist. Marsha's growth as an artist and a woman has far superseded her humble beginnings as the wise cracking bailiff on the long running sitcom Night Court. Come explore the "Marsha Warfield Experience" every Wednesday and Thursday at the Startospehere in Las Vegas!






Comedienne and actress Marsha Warfield had a growing reputation as a stand-up comic when she was offered the role of the wise cracking bailiff Roz Russell on the long running television series "Night Court". But there is more to Marsha than the 80's hair and bailiff uniform.


For close to four decades Marsha has grown as both a woman and an artist experiencing all that life has to offer as a loving Godmother, an opinionated feminist, an out and proud Black lesbian and a talented actress and she brings all of these attributes and more  to her one woman shows, "The Marsha Warfield Experience."


Every Wednesday and Thursday night at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Marsha creatively weaves tales of Hollywood, her life experiences and commentary of an ever changing America that is always funny, always provocative and not for the faint of heart. 

Come explore the reemergence of this major talent as she embarks on this newest chapter of her life and career!

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