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After an overlong period of retirement, Marsha is back for “revenge,” tackling issues including politics, being black, coming out as a gay woman, and her affair with pizza.  ​

Marsha Warfield is best known for her 1986–92 role of the tough, no-nonsense bailiff Roz Russell on the NBC sitcom “Night Court.” She also starred in the sitcom “Empty Nest” as Dr. Maxine Douglas, and as a performer on “The Richard Pryor Show.”  She’s has appeared on shows like “Soul Train,” “The Arsenio Hall Show,” “The Tonight Show,” and even had a talk show of her own, appropriately titled “The Marsha Warfield Show.”  She’s opened for acts like Esther Phillips, George Duke, Teddy Pendergrass, The O’Jays and George Carlin, has been nominated for NAACP Image and Soul Train Awards, and was featured in the Gladys Knight video, “Men.”  Her guest appearances include “Cybill,” “The John Larroquette Show,” “Veronica’s Closet,” “Moesha,” “Living Single, “In Living Color,” “Smart Guy,” “Clueless,” “Cheers,” “Saved By The Bell,” and more.​




1978 That Thing on ABC / Performer
1981 The Marva Collins Story / Lela Boland
1982 They Call Me Bruce? / Inmate # 2
1983 D.C. Cab / Ophelia 
1985 Mask / Homeroom Teacher 
1985 Anything for Love / Cleo
1986 The Whoopee Boys / Officer White
1988 Caddyshack II / Royette Tyler 
1989 Who Shrunk Saturday Morning / Ms. Bagwind
1997 Doomsday Rock


1977 The Richard Pryor Show / Various
1979 Legends of the Superheroes / Woman in Phone Booth
1984 Riptide / Max
1984 Family Ties / Doris Bradshaw
1985 Cheers / Roxanne Brewster
1986–1992 Night Court / Rosalind "Roz" Russell
1993 Hangin' With Mr. Cooper / Beverly, Mark's Sister
1993–1995 Empty Nest / Dr. Maxine Douglas
1993 The Addams Family / Mail Carrier
1993 Saved by the Bell: The College Years / Marsha Warfield
1994 The John Larroquette Show / Dexter's Sister
1996 Touched by an Angel / Bebe Menaro
1996 ABC Afterschool Special / Nurse
1997 Dave's World / Mrs. Alexander
1997 Smart Guy / Mrs. Dowling
1997 Mad About You / Birth Instructor
1997 Goode Behavior
1997 Living Single / Agnes Finch
1997 Moesha / Tracy Jackson
1998 Clueless / Sgt. Meany
1999 Love Boat: The Next Wave / Judge Nancy Watson
1999 Veronica's Closet / Shirley

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