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Marsha Warfield



Not one to rest on her laurels or achieve political correctness, Marsha has a lot to say when it comes to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. She writes about all of this and more in her blog, "The Caramel Chronicles," which has articles that are provocative, funny, and not for the faint of heart.


Marsha Warfield

Unpopular Opinions

I am not politically correct.

Nor do I want to be.

Hell, nowadays, what the hell IS "politically correct," anyway?

Politics themselves are incorrect as fuck, so being "politically correct, " or whining about how everything is "politically correct" is stupid.

So, what do people mean when they say it? Who the hell knows?

It doesn't exist, remember?

The closest I can figure is, "Shit I agree with."

Which makes everything about popularity.

Not about right, true or "correct," politically or otherwise.

Working with that definition, a happy talk, sing-song soda commercial fits the description of "correct," while obvious truths are "incorrect" and unacceptable because they don't make enough people happy.

Fuck that.

I got opinions.

They may well be the very definition of unpopular.

In fact, I hope they are.

At least some of them, anyway.

Because to me, that means without a doubt, they're mine.

I thought about shit, and came to my own conclusions.

Nobody has to accept them or agree.

You can even laugh in my face after hearing them, if you want to.

I hope you do.

That's kinda my job.

Even the circumstances around me doing my job are unconventional.

Coming out of a 20 year retirement, as well as recently "coming out" as a lady snorkeler (I kinda hate the word "lesbian,") and unapologetically black in a "colorblind/post-racial" (snort snicker!) world, I've really watched a lot of history happen from the sidelines.

A lot of it doesn't make any fucking sense.

And never did.

So, this sexy senior citizen is embracing her newfound freedom to shout her unpopular opinions from the rooftops without one extra damn to give about "shoulds."

I got shit to say.

With a funky, groovastankamous soundtrack evolved over a lifetime of blues/jazz/soul/funk/R&B playing in the background.

With a little dash of rock'n'roll thrown in there, too.

After all, who do you think built this city?

Not your mama.

Your mama's mama.

And if she's still rocking and funking like I know she is, tell her to come see me.

If she wants to, she can bring you and PawPaw, too.

Look for my one woman/one show, "Unpopular Opinions" coming soon.


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